There could be a number of reasons why your store listing may be suspended on PriceCheck, below are key ways to fix and eventually prevent your listing from being suspended:

Broken Feeds:
A broken or malfunctioning feed affects the update of your products (i.e. Pricing, images, titles, stock levels), PriceCheck will pause or suspend your campaign until the problem is rectified, to ensure our customers, and eventually yours, get the most accurate information possible. You will be notified when we suspend your account as well as possible ways to remedy the situation.

Credit Depletion:
PriceCheck’s platform works on a Cost Per Click method meaning your credits get depleted every time someone clicks on your products. You will receive two reminders, one when you hit the credit threshold (this threshold can be set from your Merchant Dashboard) and one when you have run out of credits. To make things easier for you, we offer an Auto Top-Up system to take the work out of topping up manually every time your credits run low.

Feed Management:
There are various companies out there who offer a service for managing your feeds, one of which being ShoppingFeeder. Failing to manage your account with these feed management tools may cause your account to be suspended and cause an eventual feed failure.