All merchants listed on the PriceCheck platform have access to utilize our Daily Deals page.

What is a Daily Deals XML Feed?

A Daily Deals feed (although similar) is different from your CPC feed as it needs to include a timestamp. In order to list with Daily Deals, you need to create a brand new feed which is separate to your CPC Feed. 

You will need to manage your catalog, which products are live in the feed and which are not, this would be done via a date stamp in the feed and stock levels, stock availability as well as discount.
What are the requirements for listing your product on Daily Deals?
  1. Built-in stock levels and built in-stock availability so that customers will be informed when that specific offer is out-of-stock.
  2. A Daily Deals product Feed URL needs to be built specifically for the page (separate to your CPC Feed) which contains a timestamp indicating when the Deal will end.
  3. All Daily Deals must have an end date not exceeding 3 days or longer and that product/ s will need to be managed on your end to ensure they return in the following month (they cannot run in the same month). AND
  4. Must have a discount of 20% or a discount value of R2000 or more.

All Daily Deals Clicks are billed at the specified CPC rate set on your account.

This Daily Deals XML Example can be used as a guide when creating your Daily Deals feed.

To take part in our Daily Deals promotion, please send your feed or any queries to .