When you sign up to become a merchant on PriceCheck, our Sales and Development team will learn about your business. Here is a brief run-down:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

PriceCheck CPC is a prepaid service allowing you to load credits upfront that will be converted into “clicks”. PriceCheck will integrate with your E-commerce platform via XML feed to pull through and populate your entire online catalogue on PriceCheck, making it fully searchable and discoverable. Each time a customer clicks on your product by selecting the View Offer button, they will be redirected to your website to complete the order. Cost per click starts at R2.20c per click, to rank higher than other merchants, you can increase the Cost-Per-Click value of your listings.

The benefits of selling on CPC:

  • Unbeatable online exposure: gain valuable exposure to over 2 million consumers each month, helping you increase brand awareness and grow sales and topline revenue. You have full control over your product ranking and exposure on our website and can easily boost both by increasing your CPC.
  • Higher conversion rate: PriceCheck performs better than other marketing platforms. You’ll see a higher conversion rate due to our users being highly qualified and having huge purchase intent.
  • Top credibility: PriceCheck has been the trusted platform for buying decisions since 2006. With our PriceCheck Trusted Shop program, we’ll help you build trust online.
  • Pure performance: our service is prepaid so there’s no monthly fee, no obligation and no contract.