To be listed on PriceCheck and have your products searchable and found, you will need to supply us with some data by creating an effective XML Feed URL built to our specification. 

Building an effective feed affects the richness of the content which is uploaded/imported to the various sales channels(PriceCheck etc).

Below is a list of requirements needed in your feed to ensure that your content on PriceCheck supplies the information needed to the desired customer:

  • Offer Name:






  • Product Name:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Description:


  • Price:


  • Sale Price:


  • Product URL:


  • Image URL:


  • Stock Availability:


  • Stock Level:


Where applicable Tech, TV’s, Hardware, etc

  • Model Number:


The above attributes are non-negotiable attributes that need to be present in the XML feed and all the above are required to provide adequate information for the customer on PriceCheck to ensure that prior to clicking through to your website, they have made an informed decision.

The attributes form part of how a consumer will find your product, see the price and discounted amount as well as any product information and product photo. 


To download the full feed specifications sheet, please click HERE.