We’ve noticed there is still some fear and trepidation when shopping online in South Africa. To combat this, we’ve implemented a Trusted Shop program. We believe this affords our users more faith in the reputable shops that we do list.

Key Benefits of becoming a Trusted Shop:
We’ll display a Trusted Shop logo next to your offers and this will give shoppers an indication that they can trust you. Additionally, when displaying our offer list for a particular product, your Trusted Shop status will be taken into account when ordering the offers.

How do I become a Trusted Shop?

  • Be listed with PriceCheck for at least 6 months.
  • Be a registered company.
  • Have a secure payment gateway which provides encryption for credit card payment – if you accept credit cards.
  • Display all available payment methods (EFT, types of Credit Cards, PayPal, etc).
  • Clearly display your refund & returns policy, as well as your shipping methods.
  • There must be a visible contact method available on the website.
  • Shop to supply correct product information, e.g. prices, payment methods and shipping/courier fees.
  • Be pro-active and re-active when consumers provide you with feedback on PriceCheck.

To see if you qualify, please send an email to accounts@pricecheck.co.za.

Our team will analyze the criteria above for your shop and determine if you qualify as a Trusted Shop.

*terms and conditions apply and this status is discretionary