Often we fail to acknowledge the power of a good product title. Titles are important since they will largely help customers find your products online and aid them in deciding whether or not the product is exactly what they’re looking for.

A Good Product Title Can:

  • Help you to be found on the search bar of any online search.
  • Increase the traffic on your website from external search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Bring you in touch with the potential customers.

Below is a guideline as to how-to best name your products to ensure they are easily found and descriptive enough to help the customer decide whether or not the product is what they’re looking for.

Adjective Order in Product Titles:

What is an adjective?
An adjective is a particular attribute that describes a noun or, in our case, a product. There is a particular order to adjectives that can be applied to product titles, and this order is a combination based on the rules of the English language and SEO best practise.

When creating product titles, follow the guide from left to right, using the first table, then the second and finally the third. It also helps to think of the title as having a front, middle and end. Remember that this is an ideal and there can be exceptions to the rules, but the important thing is to have consistency in the way the titles are presented.

The Front of the Title:
The brand and model name/number should come first, one after the other. This should then be followed by any numerical data; list the quantity first, then the dimensions, capacity and/or size (physical or digital). Examples are listed below.

Manufacturer Model Name and/or Model Number Quantity Dimensions/Capacity/Size
Blundstone 550 Mens Size 10
Calvin Klein 2-Piece Boys
Noose & Monkey Rosey
American Tourister Bon-Air 66cm Medium
Music First 21″
Mellerware 2-in-1 3V
Spiegelau Winelovers Set of 4 580ml
Scanpan Spectrum 34.5cm x 23cm x 0.8cm
Le Creuset 32cm 3.85L
Joseph Joseph Sink-Aid
Apple iPad 2 9.7” 64 GB
Promate privMate.i4
HP OfficeJet 4650
Samsung RF31FMESBSL 623L
LG WD10165F 7.2kg

The Middle of the Title:
In the middle of the title is where more “descriptive” words can be used pertaining to the style, shape, origin or material of the product.

Opinion/Positive Attribute Style/Design Shape Origin Material
Premium Leather
Slim Fit
Vintage-Style Cotton
Rectangular Stoneware

The End of the Title:
At the end of the title is where we would put what the actual product is and then include any important extra features, as well as the colour or additional design attributes. See the examples below.

Notable Purpose/Feature Product Type Additional Feature(s) Colour/Design
Ranger Boots
Tank Top & Shorts Set
Shirt in Green with Floral Print
Travel Suitcase in Hot Pink
Ukulele Bag
Rechargeable Shaver & Epilator
Red Wine Glasses
Cutting Board in Green
Hanging Cutlery Caddy in Grey
Tablet with Wi-Fi & 3G in Black
Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4
All-in-One Printer in Black
French Door Fridge in Silver
Front Loader Washing Machine in White

If we use these rules and put all the attributes together for each row in the tables on the previous pages, we arrive at the complete titles listed below. They contain the most pertinent information about each product and can be read almost the same as if you were describing the products out loud in a single sentence.

  • Blundstone 550 Mens Size 10 Premium Leather Ranger Boots
  • Calvin Klein 2-Piece Boys Striped Tank Top & Shorts Set
  • Noose & Monkey Rosey Slim Fit Shirt in Green with Floral Print
  • American Tourister Bon-Air 66cm Medium Travel Suitcase in Hot Pink
  • Music First 21″ Vintage-Style Cotton Ukulele Bag
  • Mellerware 2-in-1 3V Rechargeable Shaver & Epilator
  • Spiegelau Winelovers Set of 4 580ml Crystal Red Wine Glasses
  • Scanpan Spectrum 34.5cm x 23cm x 0.8cm Cutting Board in Green
  • Le Creuset 32cm 3.85L Rectangular Stoneware Dish
  • Joseph Joseph Sink-Aid Hanging Cutlery Caddy in Grey
  • Apple iPad 2 9.7” 64GB Tablet with WiFi & 3G in Black
  • Promate privMate.i4 High-Quality Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4
  • HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer in Black
  • Samsung RF31FMESBSL 623L French Door Fridge with Sparkling Water Dispenser in Silver
  • LG WD10165F 7.2kg Front Loader Washing Machine in White