When scheduling a collection you will be required to add the package weight and dimensions. This information will allow us to capture more accurate shipping information which will enable us to improve the shipping process further:

Order packaging:

  • The package weight and dimensions should include all packaging and courier flyer bags.
  • If your order is dispatched in a courier flyer bag, please wrap and seal the flyer bag around your order as tightly as possible so that it is an accurate reflection of the product size.
  • If your order is dispatched in a box, please try and use a box as close in size to the order item as possible.
  • This will also prevent the product from moving around inside the bag/box potentially causing damage to it.

Multiple Boxes:

  • If your order contains multiple items packed into separate boxes, you can “Add another package” to your order. This will allow you to identify the weight and dimensions of each package linked to the waybill.

Courier Collection:

  • Once your collection has been scheduled, the confirmation message will display which courier partner will be collecting your parcel.

Dawn Wing Collection Process:

  1. Please note that Dawn Wing offers a slightly different collection process compared to the other couriers, as the Dawn Wing driver will provide you with a manual waybill for you to complete at the time of collection.
  2. You will be able to download and print a “temporary waybill” from the Merchant Dashboard which will detail all the account, sender and receiver details required to complete the waybill.
  3. We recommend attaching this document to your order.