This guide will assist you with setting up your PriceCheck Shipping business rules, which determines the options presented to customers at checkout.

These rules are vital in determining the kind of business you run and the relationship you wish to have with your customers:

  • Shipping Fee Rules
  • Return Fee Rules
  • Return Policy
  • Order Processing Time
  • Order Collection Info


Shipping Fee Rules:

A flat rate of R80 per order is allocated to PriceCheck’s shipping partners. You can decide how you would like to share this between your business and your customers, or you can cover the cost entirely to offer free shipping to your customers.

Shipping fees per order:

Option Merchant Customer
Option 1 R50 R30
Option 2 R80 Free
Option 3 R30 R50
*Merchant shipping fees exclude VAT


Return Fee Rules:

You need to set how much you and your customers will be charged for returns shipping. A flat rate of R80 is recovered per return shipping and you can decide how it will be allocated between your customers and your business.

There are 5 returns reasons and a returns shipping fee allocation must be set for each reason.

You will be able to apply a Returns Fee Rule to the following three return reasons:

  1. I have changed my mind
  2. The item is the wrong size/ colour
  3. The item is not as pictured/described

For these reasons, there are three return shipping fee options available to you:

Option Merchant Customer
Option 1 R50 R30
Option 2 R80 Free
Option 3 Free R80
*Merchant shipping fees exclude VAT

Please note that for the following two reasons you will be charged the full cost of R80 to ship returns:

4. The item is defective/damaged
5. Incorrect item shipped


Return Policy:

The time period during which you accept returns is set here.

Based on this information and the return fee rules you have selected, your refund policy will be generated and displayed on your Shop’s page.


Processing Time:

Order processing time is the amount of time it will take you to prepare an order between when it is placed and when it is ready for collection.

This time is calculated as business days and the available options are: 1, 3, 5 or 7 days.


Order Collection Info

This is the address where your packed orders will be collected by our courier partner.