At PriceCheck we want to ensure that your shop is successful on the Marketplace platform and have developed a set of performance measurements to assist you. All merchants will be measured against the below performance targets, and should be working towards achieving and maintaining a high level of customer service that meets these targets:

Merchant Performance Metrics Order Cancellation Rate Return Rate Late Order Rate Negative Feedback Rate Customer Response Rate
Target ≤3% ≤5% ≤7% ≤10% 2 Days

Order Cancellation Rate – This is the number of orders cancelled by a merchant, divided by the total number of orders received.
Example: If you receive 100 orders, and you cancel 5 of these orders, your cancellation rate would be 5%.

Return Rate – This is the number of orders returned by customers, divided by the total number of items sold.
Example: If you receive 100 orders, and 2 of these orders are returned, your return rate would be 2%.

Late Order Rate – This is the number of orders shipped after the specified due date, divided by the total number of shipped orders.
Example: If you receive 100 orders, and 3 of these orders are shipped after the specified due date, your late order rate would be 3%.

Negative Feedback Rate – The number of negative customer feedback reviews, divided by the total number of customer feedback reviews. Reviews with 1 and 2 star ratings are considered negative reviews.
Example: If you receive 100 customer feedback reviews, and 12 of these reviews are negative, your negative customer feedback rate would be 12%.

Customer Response Rate – The number of business days taken to respond to a customer query.

Note: Failure to meet these targets may result in the suspension of your selling privileges.


Performance Review and Notification Process

Merchant performance is reviewed on a regular basis, and warning notifications will be sent out when your performance targets are no longer being met.

Merchants with very poor performance may be contacted to identify the issues affecting your targets, and to offer assistance with improving your performance.

If your merchant performance is very poor, we may remove your selling privileges until a plan of action has been implemented to correct the problems that are contributing to the poor performance.

We require that measurable improvement is seen within 14 days of the first warning being sent to you.


Tips for ensuring merchant performance targets are always being met

  • Review returns and negative feedback, for the orders that are affecting your ratings to identify areas requiring performance improvement
  • Ship all orders on or before the due date
  • Update product offers with accurate descriptions both in images and words to avoid customers returning goods for not being as described or pictured
  • Respond quickly to all customer queries and messages as a delayed response could affect your customer feedback negatively
  • Check your emails regularly for any new orders, return requests, or queries
  • Make sure to pack items well to avoid any damage that might occur in transit to the customer
  • Keep stock quantities updated at all times to avoid cancelled orders
  • Provide post-transaction support for returns in a timely manner

Improving and maintaining your merchant performance, will result in a positive customer experience, return customers, and ultimately more sales.