Tips to Optimise Your Selling Potential:

Categorise your products correctly

  • Categorising products correctly will increase the discoverability of your products on PriceCheck

Ensure product descriptions are well written

  • A well-written product description can convince the customer that they not only need the product, but want it.
  • Nicely worded product descriptions help to improve your search engine rankings, which means more people will be able to find your products and buy them
  • When creating a good product description:
    – Keep it short and sweet but descriptive
    – Focus on the product specifications
    – Keep it error-free

If selling electronics – include model names/numbers

  • Including model names/numbers will ensure that the product is matched correctly, and will also allow customers to do further research on the product should they wish to do so.

List package contents/what is not included in the description

  • This will ensure that there is no confusion as to what the customer will be receiving when placing an order.

Ensure that high-quality images are used

  • Displaying high-quality images on your website could be the difference between a successful website that makes a good first impression and one that makes visitors want to click off it.
  • High-quality images will attract more visitors to your products and website, ultimately resulting in more sales.
  • When selecting product images:
    – Use images with a white background so that product is the main focus
    – Capture the product from different angles
    – Ensure that the image is bright and the colours are accurately represented

Make use of Featured Offers

  • Leverage customer intent
  • Improve visibility against your competition
  • Create strong brand awareness
  • Featured offers are seen at the top of the category and relevant search results. To book Featured Offers, email and include the PriceCheck product links as well as the start and end date of the Featured Offer

Offer Competitive Pricing

With multiple merchants selling the same products, you will need to find ways to win customers over. One sure way of securing a sale, is to offer competitive pricing.
If you are not able to offer competitive pricing for all of your products, try and identify the most popular selling ones or the ones that you would like to increase sales for and start with that.
The price is one of the first things that a customer notices about a product and is one of the deciding factors when it comes to their decision to buy it or not.

Reduce Lead Time for Popular Products

People are far less patient today and this means that reduced processing times and faster shipping times is important to stay ahead of the competition and retain customers.
Customers appreciate that they don’t have to worry about delayed shipments or long wait times between placing an order and having it fulfilled. This can lead to happy and returning customers. If customers have to wait longer than originally expected, they may develop a negative perception of your store.

Encourage all customers to leave a review

  • Customer reviews are very important
  • For nearly 9 in 10 consumers, an online review is as important as a personal recommendation
  • Always offer the best service to your customers to ensure that the reviews left for your store are positive

Respond to all questions/queries/messages within 2 business days

  • Our SLA states that all messages are to be responded to within 2 business days but it is a known fact that customers appreciate a prompt response and is estimated as one of the most effective methods to retain loyal customers.
  • Every client wants to feel valued and appreciated, and a positive response, valued service and a prompt response is the ideal way to make them stick to the brand.

Treat negative reviews as a priority

  • A quick and efficient response is the key to soften a frustrated or annoyed customer and prevent them from writing negative reviews about your company, which can be very harmful for your business.
  • How to deal with a negative review:
    – Respond promptly
    – Be honest and admit your mistakes
    – Correct inaccuracies
    – Highlight your strengths
    – Write like a person, not a corporation
    – Take it offline if need be
    – Ask loyal customers to share their experiences
    – Be consistent

Ensure the contact information on your shop details page is up-to-date

  • To be able to assist potential customers, and to avoid frustrated customers, ensure that your contact details are always up-to-date. A customer trying to get hold of you to resolve a fairly simple issue, may end up leaving a negative review out of frustration.