You are able to request that we add UTM tracking parameters to your feed to ensure that we can help you see the traffic generated by PriceCheck in your Google Analytics dashboard.

How are Google Analytics discrepancies created?

  • By measuring sessions on Google Analytics
  • If your feed is https compliant

Clicks vs. Sessions
Clicks are recorded when a customer clicks out to your website, but please note that not every click results in a session.

Sessions last up to 30 minutes or until 12am, whichever is sooner. This means that if the same customer clicks out to your website multiple times within a 30 minute period, it will still be recorded as the same/one session.

You can review documentation about clicks and sessions here.

More information regarding the difference between AdWords Clicks, and Sessions, Users, Entrances, Pageviews, and Unique Pageviews in Analytics can be found here.